Trailing homeopaths in East Africa

Martin Robbins

Monday, August 27 2012 at 7:30PM

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270 Mare Street
E8 1HE

Martin Robbins

What's the talk about?

 Martin Robbins of the Guardian's Lay Science talks about dangerous pseudo-medical practices outside the Western world, from homeopaths in East Africa to flat earthers and anti-vaccine campaigns in Nigeria .

As part of the talk, Martin will be showing video clips from a trip to visit homeopathic projects in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania last year, shot for a film he's making with Michael Story, with support from the Wellcome Trust.

(This should be a pretty interesting follow-up to Rhys's talk in June, where we heard a little about dangerous substances such as "miracle mineral solution" being marketed as miracle cures in developing countries. Obviously, you don't need to have heard it, so if you're new please come along!)

Martin Robbins is a writer and talker covering science, pseudoscience and evidence-based politics at The Guardian, New Statesman, Strange Quarks, and anywhere else that'll have him. You can find him at Lay Science or on Twitter as @mjrobbins.

No booking required. £2.50 at the Hackney Picturehouse.