Alom Shaha

Monday, October 29 2012 at 7:30PM

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270 Mare Street
E8 1HE

Alom Shaha

What's the talk about?

 How can children brought up in religious families reconcile the different 'truths' they are told about the world? And to what extent should we discuss these issues in schools: what exactly should science teachers say when asked about the 'truth' of science by religious students?

In this talk, Alom Shaha will describe his personal experiences growing up in a Bangladeshi Muslim community in London, what role his science education played in his journey towards atheism and how, as a Physics teacher, he responds to the apparent conflict between science and religion in the classroom.

Alom Shaha is a physics teacher, writer and science communicator. He is the author of The Young Atheist's Handbook.

Please note we're still planning to move over to Wednesdays to avoid clashing with the other two London Skeptics as soon as we can.